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You May Require Chiropody London Advice In Case Of This Winter Foot Problem

Ever heard of chilblains?

Chilblains refer to an inflammatory skin condition triggered by a prolonged exposure to cold, damp conditions. You are most likely to notice them on a cold, damp day during winter once you have moved inside and are warming your feet when affected toes all of a sudden get all itchy, swollen, and painful. The chilblain is characterized by a small patch of red or purple hue. You will not have them hanging around for more than a couple of weeks during which they will go through stages of itching and soreness, especially when your feet are warm and snug in bed.

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Whom do they attack?

Women are more susceptible to this foot condition than men, particularly those in the young to middle age group. It is more pronounced in those who are already suffering from conditions such as Raynaud’s phenomenon that affect the blood supply to the hands and feet. The strangest thing is that chilblains occur mostly in the UK and areas of Northern Europe but are rarely found anywhere else in the world to the extent that most countries treat it as a “rare” disease.

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How a Podiatrist Helps Tackle your Foot Related Problems

A podiatrist also known as chiropodist can help you with common foot related issues such as ingrown toenails and bunions. A podiatrist is defined as a health care professional who has been trained to prevent, diagnose, treat and rehabilitate abnormal conditions based on the lower limbs and feet. Chiropodists also tackle deformities and prevent them from disfiguring your precious feet. They also provide day to day advice to take care of your feet and give instructions for the type of foot-ware suitable for your conditions.

How does a podiatrist help you?

If you are suffering from painful feet, thickened or discolored toenail and cracks and cuts in the skin, you might want to make an appointment with a podiatrist. Podiatry London based clinics also supply orthotics, which are tailor-made insoles, padding and arch supports to help relieve arch or heel pain that has been troubling you for so long. This device is placed inside the shoes to re-align your foot and take away the pressure off the vulnerable areas of your foot or maybe just make your shoes much more comfortable.

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The Most Advanced Technologies in Podiatry for Foot & Ankle Care

Like every aspect of our life, technology has improved our heath sector as well. Today, it has made a meaningful impact in the field of podiatry as well. Today, a number of cutting edge equipment and technology is available in a podiatry clinic to diagnose and treat even the rarest of foot and ankle problems. Let look at some of the latest technology available.

Digital X-ray

Digital X-ray has greatly impacted podiatry for the better. It produces better quality images with higher resolution in comparison with the traditional X-rays. This helps a podiatrist view conditions which remained invisible during a standard X-ray. They are also much faster which causes a much earlier detection of any sprain, fracture or any abnormalities for early treatment.

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Tips on How to Find Nail and Foot Clinic

If you are looking for highly specialized foot care, your only option is a reputed and experienced foot and nail clinic. They offer professional help from proper foot care advice to other advanced treatments. It is quite a common knowledge that most people do not give much attention to proper foot care. It is important to understand that it is the foot that absorbs the biggest impact and is the most used part of the body. This means that it receives great amount of stress and should be cared for properly.



To help you find the best and the most suitable nail and foot clinic for yourself, there are a few things that needs to be considered –


Foot Care In Senior Citizens – What You Need To Know

Foot problems are quite common with senior citizens. These problems can be either because of normal wear and tear on the feet over time. They can also be sign of other serious illness like arthritis, diabetes or other nerve disorders. This is the reason why it is important for senior citizens to practice good foot care. It is the responsibility of the health care providers and the family members of the seniors as well as themselves to help them with foot care

It is important to check feet regularly and if they feel that there is a serious problem, they should check with their doctors immediately……….. 



The Need For Prompt Foot Care

Your feet are important part of the body as they bear the entire weight of your body. One needs to constantly move from one place to another, to stand and to run. But, there are times when people ignore their feet. People take good care of their face by applying face packs, getting facials. They also take care of their hair, their hands, eyes and even ears, but when it comes to taking care of their feet, most people always forget. Proper care of foot is to be taken. When you start caring for your feet, you will yourself start to feel good about yourself. 


The most elementary step in taking care of your feet is proper hygiene. You should wash your feet regularly and dry them. You should use a towel between the toes as well.