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The Many Benefits of Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

Toe nail fungus is a common problem faced by many. If detected in the early stages this can be treated with oral medication but in case this is neglected there are chances of having to go through surgery. Before we talk about the laser fungal nail treatment, it is important to know what this fungus toe or nail infection is. This infection is also known as onychomycosis and is under the surface of the nail. This infection is caused by fungi, which usually thrives in a warm and moist environment.

The Working of Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

This treatment is carried out by shining a beam of laser right through the infected nail. This is able to vaporise the pathogens, which are embedded in the infected nail plate and the nail bed. These are the main causes of the infection. Most of the Podiatrists worldwide make use of the ‘PinPointe Foot Laser’.

The Many Benefits of the Laser Fungal Nail Treatment

This laser treatment works out effective and fast with impressive results as compared to the other forms of treatments used for fungus infections in the nails. The patients are benefitted in more than one way as

* There is no harm done to the surrounding area or even the nail
* Negligible pain experience
* There are no side-effects
* There is no requirement of analgesia
*This works well for any age-group
* The recovery time is quick

This treatment is able to increase the growth of the nail with the circulation of blood being increased, besides which, it is also able to strengthen the nail.

The Number of treatments required

The number of laser treatments required depends totally on the severity of the infection. A minor infection can take around 4 treatments. In case there is a re-infection then the podiatrists decides to opt for more than the given 4. The patients are monitored closely and are given emergency laser treatment if the need arises. You can look forward to a fully grown toe nail in a time span of 3 months.

Making the choice of the Foot Clinic

Looking for a foot clinic which can offer you a ‘painless’ treatment of the fungus infection can leave you relaxed. A well-reputed clinic, which has experienced podiatrists is advisable. A right podiatrist is able to detect the severity of the fungus infection and treat you accordingly, probably with oral medications or decide on the laser treatment.


Erase Away Toenail Fungus with Laser

A few tips on how to get rid of toenail fungus

Getting rid of this particular problem can be really challenging. The common treatments comprise the harsh fluid medications that the patients cover up their nails like as polish. This kind of the medicine threatens to injure nearby skin due to seepage. The other alternative is oral medication. Though, it comes with the risk of the liver damage.

Treatment 1: Prescription Medications for Nail Fungus

Your doctor or podiatrist may prescribe you an oral medicine for treating your nail fungus infection. These medicines might be useful for many people, but they can have unpleasant side-effects if not taken properly.

Treatment 2: Surgery for Nail Fungus Infection

Surgery is conducted only when the shape of the nail has become severe, or the nail has been detached from the nail-bed. When the nail gets separated from the nail bed, it becomes difficult to take care of them.

Since the hanging nail easily gets caught on anything like your clothes, socks or bed sheets, sometimes it may be painful as well. Notwithstanding, if you have decided to go for surgery, you will have to go to see your doctor. Before proceeding, discuss this procedure of laser fungal nail treatment in detail and to know the total cost of the process.

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