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Different Treatments for Toenail Fungus

Onychomycosis, another name for toe nail fungus, is a common problem affecting a large percentage of people. The symptoms of this includes discolouration of nails, the crumbling of the edges of the nails, swelling, inflammation and also pain, though pain might not be experienced by all those suffering from this. Not having pain is no reason to ignore this foot ailment as this can lead to chronic problems like the infections spreading to the other nails and at times, even the skin. This fungus thrives in moist and warm conditions in those who have a low immunity system or are suffering from diabetes or even AIDS. If toenail fungus treatment is not opted for at the right time it can lead to the loss of the nail.

Options in the Different treatments available for toe nail fungus

Most of us tend to take this infection lightly and opt for over the counter non prescription drugs. This might help for some time, but you need to be aware that there is a possibility of this re-occurring if not treated in the right manner.

1. Anti-Fungal Oral Drugs:

If detected in the early stages, this infection can be treated with oral drugs prescribed by your Podiatrist. These drugs are helpful in the growing of a new nail while replacing the infected one. This treatment can last from 6 to 12 weeks but the new nail takes around 4 months to come up. The success of this treatment seems to be when you are able to combine this line of treatment with the antifungal topical therapies.

2. Removal of the Nail:

You might need a surgery to remove the nail, which is infected if the infection is severe and is causing a lot of pain. This can be decided only by your doctor. At times, ciclopirox is used along with the surgery for the treatment of the nail bed. You can expect a new nail to grow back but this procedure helps the new nail to grow in about 1 year’s time.

3. Light-based therapies and laser therapies:

The laser treatment for these infections has gained popularity over the other treatments as these are comfortable and quick. The heat energy and the laser beams target the fungus on the cell wall directly and cause cell death. This can increase the flow of blood to the affected nail and help in the growth of nail while strengthening it. This is one of the preferred choices as there is no anesthesia required besides this treatment has no side effects and is a quick therapy based on ‘walk-in’ and ‘walk-out’ system.


Some of the Tips to Avoid Toenail Fungus: Easy To Catch, Hard To Kill

As mentioned above, many people suffer from nail fungus (especially in toes). The toe nail fungus is easy to notice and it is very hard to get full infection cleaned. Toe nail fungus usually grows in between your toe nails and the skin of your toe. One of the main reasons of nail fungus is humidity and poor hygiene. People who live in humid or moisture regions are more affected by toe nail fungus.

One of the main reasons why it is avoided till it gets to the worse condition is that the toe or the feet in general is not given much attention as the rest of the body. The first stage of toe nail fungus is yellowing or whitening of the fingernail.

In later stages, the toe nail becomes very thick and starts to crumble from the sides. The reason it becomes hard is because the fungus feeds on the keratin. When the keratin levels drop in your toe nail, it loses its nutrition level and as a result, it becomes thick and later starts to crumble from the edges.

It is very important to get a toenail fungus treatment once you notice the initial symptoms. If your toenail starts to hurt, then you should understand that it is a definite sign that your toe nail is infected with fungus. To be on the safer side here are some of the tips that you can follow to avoid toenail fungus.

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Caring for Your Nail is an Imperative Task

Nail, though a very useful part of human body is often neglected. People often just decorate them with external covers like nail polishes and nail paints or cut the nails short in order to get temporary relief from the nail problems. But the fact is that this is an important part of our body which needs care and equal amount of attention like other body parts. Whenever, there is a need for hand shake, hands gleaming with healthy nails are always appreciated. Thus, there is a serious need to take care of the nails in order to save them from various types of fungal infections. There are many clinics in UK which give effective nail treatments and render beautiful nails to both men and women. Some of the treatments and services offered by them are as follows: 


Treatment of fungal infections


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